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Treat Yourself to a Soothing Massage Today

Feel the stress of your day just melt away with massage therapy at the Orchid Massage Spa of Costa Mesa, California. Our therapists are all certified professionals who have undergone a rigorous licensing and training process. We select only those therapists who are skilled and professional.

Therapeautic Massage

Popular Therapies Include

Deep Tissue Massage—$60 per Hour
Ideal for Sports Injuries, This Treatment Releases Muscle Tension & Achieves Deep Pain Relief

OMS Combination Therapeutic Massage—$60 per Hour
• An OMS-Specific Technique Relieves Muscle Tension, Increases Joint Movement, Reduces Pain, Relieves Stress, & Promotes Circulation

Aromatherapy Massage—$70 per Hour
• A Full Body Massage That Incorporates Specially Formulated Scents to Smooth out Knots

Needle-Less Acupressure Massage—$60 per Hour
• Uses Gentle yet Firm Pressure on Acupuncture Points throughout Your Body to Release Muscular Tension & Promote Circulation of the Blood

Shiatsu Massage—$60 per Hour
• A Finger Pressure Massage That Works Specific Pressure Points to Relieve Pain, Relax the Body, & Boost Your Balancing Energy

Thai Massage—$60 per Hour
• Deep Static & Rhythmic Pressure Forms the Cores of This Massage.
• You May Be Positioned in a Variety of Yoga-Like Positions During the Treatment

Swedish Massage—$60 per Hour
• Combines Hot Oil & Light to Medium Pressure to Relieve Stress or Chronic Pain

Specialized Treatments

Hot Stone Massage—60 minutes
• Uses a Volcanic Hot Stone from the Core of the Earth That Emits Magnetic Fields to Alleviate Fatigue & Stimulate Your Blood Circulation

Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage—70 Minutes
• A Clinical Approach That Manages Stress, Supports Your Immune System, Reduces Inflammatory Responses, & Encourages Homeostasis
• We Use Special Oils to Help with Pain & Colds

Lymphatic Cellulite Massage—70 Minutes
• Using a Clinical Oil Technique That Works on Your Lymphatic System, This Treatment Helps to Control Cellulite & Promote Detoxification

Aromatherapy Body Wrap—90 Minutes
• Relax Your Nerves & Muscles While Regulating Metabolism, Detoxing, Purifying, & Controlling Your Cellulite & Inches

Exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub—70 Minutes
• Activates Proper Blood Circulation & Penetration, Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells While Softening & Smoothing Aging & Loose Skin

Chest Maintenance—60 Minutes
• Improves Blood Flow and Helps Prevent Breast Cancer in Women

Ovary Maintenance—60 Minutes
• Improves Blood Flow, Helps Break Up Adhesions, Alleviates Ovulation Pain & Helps Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Pregnancy Massage—60 Minutes
• Alleviates Backaches, Enhances Sleep, & Reduces Fatigue & Swelling Associated with Pregnancy

Reflexology Massage—$45 per Hour

Are you feeling tired? Perhaps your aching feet, ankles, and arches have you in stitches? The Orchid Massage Spa takes away this pain and stress through reflexology.

Benefits of Reflexology

Restores Relaxation | Decreases Stress & Anxiety | Relieves Toe, Arch, & Ankle Pain | Relieves Pain from Plantar Fasciitis & Arthritis